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1. The Urge

2. Free Love

3. Pill Machine

4. Fourth Kind

5. Gift

6. Drug-Star

7. Kiss the Fist

8. You Want It (Ego Mania)

9. Garbage Truck

10. Evil K

11. The Base

Penny Kinsella - All tracks except "Kiss the Fist."
Rob Sneddon - "Kiss the Fist."


Rob Sneddon - "The Urge", "Fourth Kind", "Gift", "Drug-Star", "You Want It (Ego Mania)", "Garbage Truck", "Evil K" and "The Base"

Rob Sneddon/Donovan Tekin - "Free Love", "Kiss the Fist"

Rob Sneddon/Kurt Richardson - "Pill Machine"


Vocals - Penny Kinsella

Guitar - Rob Sneddon
Bass - Kurt Richardson

Drums - Jim Jackey


Produced and Engineered by Eric Stenman and Boneback

Recorded at Enharmonik Studios

Sample produced in Fourth Kind by Rueben and Boneback

Band photos by friend and Selina Carino

"Starsky with light" cover photo from a textbook study of animal behavior by John Sparks

Cover photo artistically touched up by Selina Carino

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